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13 April 2010

RIP Adam Reyneke

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When I got home this evening, I noticed my mother was out and that I would be home alone for a while. I unlocked the door, walked inside, switched on the lights, and immediately noticed the church leaflet lying on the always empty counter. On the cover was the face of a smiling young man clad in cycling gear. And – before I could help myself – I burst into tears.
Dear Adam AKA “Snotneus”
I never knew you. I never met you. To be honest, I don’t think my parents really ever spoke about you. Until you tragically passed away. Since then, they speak about you. Often. Fondly. And with watery eyes. And from what I’ve heard I’m sure you would’ve made me laugh the way you seemed to have made others laugh. It is clear that you have left behind a huge hole – not only in your family, friends and cycling peers, but even in complete outsiders like me.
Rest in peace.
Dear Reyneke family,
Our thoughts are with you. And will be for a very long time. I doubt that this wound will ever heal, but I sincerely hope that the pain becomes bearable after a while.
Sincerest condolences,
The daughter of Johan and Elizabeth van der Merwe, the tandem riders.



Adam Reyneke tragically passed away while training on 6 April 2010. A car hit him. He was only 17.

Motorists and other road users – please do watch out for cyclists.


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  1. Yes please … i was 16 when a car hit me and my leg was amputated not recommended dont speed past cyclists and give them a gap overtake them like one would a car.

    Very tragic.

    Comment by Gregory — 13 April 2010 @ 21:05 | Reply

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